Estate Sailor

Estate Sale Professionals LLC

Dan or Sarah Thompson 317-379-7185

Noblesville, Indiana

Estate Sailor provides complete service to help the client with the entire contents of a home or farm. From organizing, sorting, research, pricing, barcoding, staging, display, marketing advertising, and day of sale activities, to arranging for complete removal of left over items and trash, we do it all. 

Our goals are simple:

-Maximize the  value from the sale and have the home ready to turn over to realtors, family, or new owners as quickly as possible.

-Provide the complete, highest quality service with integrity, honesty, and a superb customer experience.

In addition we offer online sales. If the client would prefer a straight buyout, that can be arranged. 

We are happy to offer free consultations and would love to talk through your needs. We are based out of Noblesville and happy to offer our services throughout Indiana. 

317 379-7185