Estate Sailor Services

Have a home that needs to be cleaned out? 


With no out-of-pocket expenses, let the staff of Estate Sailor do all the work and simply forward you profits when we are finished.

We specialize in complete home clean outs, packed Estate Sales with lots of customers, correct pricing of: art, collectibles, clothing, antiques, fine jewelry and costume, old toys, sewing, war memorabilia, furniture, electronics, stamps, kitchen, tools, garage, vehicles, books - old and new, purses, luggage, etc... you name it we have sold it. Both locally and internationally. 

What to do next? 


If a loved one has passed, or you need to downsize, or if you simply need to get rid of your stuff - call Estate Sailor to get a free consultation for your specific situation.

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Same day appointments are available. 

We are also willing to travel to host an out of state sale. 

Every situation is unique? 


Every estate is unique. Each estate has its own special characteristics and challenges. They come in different sizes, values, levels of complexity, organization, and locations. Estate Sailor will create and customize a viable solution suitable to our client’s individual needs to properly liquidate the estate in a timely manner. This may include a sale, buy out, clean out or auction.

Services - 

A fantastic sale begins with great preparation and enthusiasm. We are excited to organize our client’s sale, and approach it with a passion. Estate Sailor realizes that the estate contains special items collected and gathered by the owner over years and that they demand respect. As such, we will carefully sort and organize all these treasures. We will personally go through every item in every building, room, attic, and basement of the estate. Next comes the research and appraising. Estate Sailor calls upon its extensive history of buying and selling as well as a vast number of experienced and knowledgeable experts to determine optimum pricing. Estate Sailor will barcode each item with a price and description. This will be provided to the customer so they can see what each item was priced at and sold for. 

Once pricing is done, Estate Sailor will display and stage the estate sale to present the items in an attractive arrangement that encourages customer purchase. 

After the merchandise has been displayed, we will begin marketing the sale and its contents with a care and thoughtfulness unmatched in our business. Estate Sailor will place pictures of the sale on our website, along with a description of the sale and highlights of the best items. The sale will be featured through various media including Craigslist,, Facebook, Nextdoor and more. On the day of the sale, signs will be placed in the area around the sale to announce and direct more buyers.

Estate Sailor will provide friendly, helpful, polite, and expert staff to facilitate a smooth and fun experience for the buyers. We open early and stay late for buyer convenience. The sale may be as long as one, two, or three days, or even longer if the estate is large. Estate Sailor will provide the logistics and collect the payments. Our staff are experienced and they find no situation too overwhelming. 

Once the sale days are over, Estate Sailor can provide whatever the client needs to complete their goals; whether it is disposal, donation, or clean out, Estate Sailor will take care of it.

Estate Sailor works with realtors, executors, trustees, attorneys, family, fiduciaries, and heirs. We gladly answer questions and inquiries regarding the estate sale process, and estimates or consultations are free. All sales are on a commission basis and Estate Sailor will be more than happy to come and look at your estate.

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